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Our Mission 

We are about Jewelry that spark and shine

ABOUT HER JEWELRY is about more than just jewelry. We firmly believe that jewelry is an extension of who we are, reflecting the subtle nuances of our soul and the intricacies of our character. That’s why we provide a beautiful piece of jewelry for every occasion, with premium quality minus the premium price. Our overarching goal is to inspire as many women as possible, proving that we are all beautiful, capable of spark and shine in our own way.



We care about quality and design

A quick browse through our website will introduce you to the highest quality Sterling Silver or Brass jewelry coated with 14K or 18K gold. Our jewels are Nickel-free using a variety of high quality materials. 



Maggie Choi

"I am in love with jewelry. However, I grew frustrated at how overpriced most global jewelry was. I was committed into the middle-ground of quality and affordability. Today, About Her Jewelry, where I can continue to share my passion for jewelry with others." 



Our manufacturers

Our manufacturers are factories from Hong Kong and Thailand. About Her Jewelry support ethical manufacturing. Our Manufacturers have safe and healthy working environment. We use sustainable raw materials wherever possible. 


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